Lot Location in La Grange, TX

At Kolbe-Hill, Inc., we have a licensed real estate agent on staff to assist you with Lot Location in La Grange, TX, Fayette County, and the surrounding Central Texas areas to build your property on.  When selecting land with Kolbe-Hill, Inc., we have the unique experience and knowledge of a general contractor to consider things like: the soil type, will your floorplan work with the land, how the slope of the land will affect drainage, where to best situate your home, etc.

Finding a Vacant Lot to Buy

Kolbe Hill, Inc. offers consultations with residential and commercial clients to help them understand the necessity lot or land qualifications that are required to build their project.  There Are many hidden costs and fees when it comes to buying land, we want to make sure that you are aware of all of them to prevent surprises.

We can inform you of square footage, building restrictions, required building materials, setbacks, and future costs of owning a property prior to building.

Lot Location, Price, & Size

Our goal is to educate you and help you make the best-informed choices to stay within your budget. Selecting the wrong lot can ruin your new home (or project) budget and the way you want it to look. It is important that you also consider zoning requirements. Some cities require your home to be a certain amount of feet away from lot lines and streets.

Lot location does affect the type of soil that is on that lot. If rocks or any other element is found, your building costs can skyrocket. Kolbe Hill, Inc. will test the land to prevent any surprise costs during the building process.

Things to Consider

  • Will the slope of the land affect drainage?
  • Will your home plan work with this lot?
  • Has the lot been filled? Was it compacted properly?
  • What are the municipal zoning laws?
  • What is under the soil?
Lot Location in La Grange, TX

Find an Experienced Lot Agent

Kolbe Hill, Inc. can help guide you through the process of lot location in La Grange, TX as well as financing. We can provide you with a detailed research of the lot that you are considering.

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Lot Location in La Grange, TX