• floor plan design services in La Grange, TX

Floor Plan Design Services in La Grange, TX

If you are looking to build new but you don’t have your floorplans together, we can help you.  Kolbe-Hill, Inc. offers Floor Plan Design Services in La Grange, TX.  We can assist you with your new residential home floor plans. Together with our local design partners, we will work to help you design a floorplan you already have in mind or pull together your ideas.  We can start from scratch, or you can bring in sketches, notes, drawings, photos, Pinterest photo ideas, Houzz photo ideas, or even a stock floor plan you would like to alter.  We’re here to help you design the best home for you!

Using a Computer Program VS Kolbe-Hill, Inc.

Any computer program would only have the basic planning such as having the layout, adding walls, doors, and windows, and adding furniture. But with Kolbe-Hill, Inc., you would be able to see your designs to life virtually and witness its potential for yourself. Our floor plan design services in LA Grange, TX are quite easy to use because all you do is send us your sketches or drawings and we will handle everything else.

floor plan design services in La Grange, TX

Simple & Efficient Process

At Kolbe-Hill, Inc., we make sure that all of our services for online floor plans are accurate and detailed, some of which are:

  • staircase design
  • carpet area design
  • furniture and fixture design
  • kitchen placement
  • door and windows placement
  • chimney design
  • bathroom designs
  • outdoor designs

Our floor plan design system will make it a lot easier for you to visualize your home and see if you want to add or remove some additions in your potential home. Our team is full of professional architects, multimedia artists, modelers, drafters and project management professionals across architectural, civil and mechanical fields have relentlessly striven for customer satisfaction and delight.

Floor Plan Design Services in La Grange, TX

Plan Your Dream Home

Our floor plan design services in La Grange, TX will make home planning design much easier for you rather than using a free program that you will allow you to get the correct, desired results for you. Our floor plan designers ensure that when you opt for our services, you get a feel of your project. When you create a house floor plan design with us, you gain an understanding of the colours, textures, and space that you have thought of and bring it to life. Give us a call today and get your floor plan design!

Floor Plan Design Services in La Grange, TX

Make Your Ideas A Reality!

Look no further for anything construction. Kolbe-Hill, Inc. offers obligation free consultations for both commercial and residential clients! Whether you already have your dream project in mind or have no idea on where to begin, we can help you! All you have to do is give us a call or send in a request.  That easy!

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Floor Plan Design Services in La Grange, TX